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BITS Radio Podcast

Mar 19, 2020

A bonus episode to help pass the time while we stay at home including Diana Cofini & Steven Morana, Chris Green, Alysa King and Art Hindle & Khizer Khani and Andrew Ravindran

Mar 19, 2020

While we're staying home and out of the congestion of the city, here's a great episode to enjoy with Lisa Ovies and Kevin Mosley & Paul Tanter, Simon Philips and Ken Bresners & Tyler Williams

Mar 1, 2020

From BITS 2019 Media Day interviews with Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal & Robert Cuffley and Susie Malone & Kate Felix

Feb 17, 2020

Live from BITS 2019 Rob speaks wit the creative team behind Dead Dicks, Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer

Jan 30, 2020

In this episode we speak to Benjamin Noah, director of A New Woman.